50 Days of Prayer

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jst_1_mainDay #50 – 


So, today begins our call to 50 days of prayer for Heritage Church. Thank you for being a part of this daily prayer group. March 18th marks 40 days before our Just1 Unity Celebration. 40 days is a period of time that is often recorded in the Bible as a time of preparation, testing or fasting. Consider all of these significant moments in Scripture.


Rain fell for 40 days and nights during the Great Flood of Noah’s day; Jonah gave Ninevah 40 days to repent after he prophesied their destruction; Moses was with the Lord for 40 days and nights when he received the Ten Commandments; Moses sent the spies into the Promised Land for 40 days before they returned with their report; Elijah fasted 40 days without food or water on Mt. Horeb; and, Jesus fasted for 40 days when he was tempted in the wilderness (Matthew 4).


Our time together on April 26th will allow us to look back at God’s faithfulness, celebrate what He has done, and look forward into the yet to come! As we leave our Just1 Celebration we will be calling our entire church into a 10 day prayer commitment to consecrate ourselves to the Lord and seek Him and His Kingdom first! This additional 10 days of collective prayer will conclude our 50 day journey!


Let’s pray that God will prepare us individually and corporately for a new season of Heritage Church loving and serving the Quad Cities.


Matthew 6:33

” But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”


Keep pressing on.

Pastor Shawn


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  1. I’m in! Too often I forget that prayer is the most powerful activity on earth and that it is my PRIVLEGE to pray! Thanks for calling us to this 50 days. I’m expecting miracles to occur – especially the most significant miracle of changed hearts!

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