Crave – Day #13

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30 pieces

John 13


With the final verse of Chapter 12, John closes his account of Jesus’ public ministry and continues on with the events of the Holy Week [a.k.a. Passion Week], which is the time from Palm Sunday through Resurrection Sunday [a.k.a. Easter]. That makes our celebration of Palm Sunday this weekend all the more fitting.


In Chapter 13, John tells us that the devil had already prompted Judas to betray Jesus; but what John doesn’t include is what happened 6 days before this…or right after Judas complains about the perfume. However, its recorded in Matthew 26:14-16, and it shows Judas making a deal to “hand over” Jesus to the authorities for 30 silver coins.


We often read these things with disgust and disbelief. The idea that Judas would “sell out” Jesus or that Peter would deny Him seems unthinkable. But every time we are too ashamed to talk about Jesus in front of our friends or co-workers, or we blatantly chose to disobey God and do what we know we should not do…we are essentially doing the same thing as Judas or Peter.


We too “sell out” for an experience, a taste, a feeling…a compromise.


John said Judas was “prompted.”


That’s important because it shows us he did not have to act on it, but he did. In a similar way, when we are prompted or tempted, we too have a choice to betray or not. We’re a sinful people. We are defiled, fallen and dirty; and unless Jesus washes us, we have no hope. [ref. v.8]  But through Jesus was can be freed from that and live for Him. We can choose to live and walk in purity, freedom and faithfulness.


In fact, we’re called to do so…in servanthood. We are to serve all people no matter who they are. Jesus modeled this for us when he washed the feet of His the disciples. He washed all their feet including Peter and Judas.


It still amazes me that with all things under His power [v.3] and knowing what Judas and Peter would do…Jesus still washed their feet. He lovingly and selflessly served, and He calls us to do the same. [v.15]


Is your life marked by that kind of love? Do people know you are His disciple by your love?


Let’s be a people who are marked by the love that took Jesus to the cross, raised Him from the dead and knows no boundaries.


I look forward to worshipping the King of kings and Lord of lords together this weekend.


“Hosanna to the Son of David!”

“Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”

“Hosanna in the highest heaven!”

– Matthew 21:9


  1. Amen! maybe if the words to the song “Jesus Paid It All” circled in our heads from time to time during the day, more praise words would come out of our mouths. it probably would keep the days “troubles” in perspective of the BIG PICTURE and those who use His name as a cuss word would start wondering- what do we know that they do not!!!!

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  2. LOVE this: “…we too have a choice… We too can choose to live and walk in purity, freedom and faithfulness.”

    Might we all humble ourselves during moments of temptation to focus on HIS glory that is at stake, not our own worldly desires. CRAVE on, brother Cossin!! 🙂

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  3. I suppose that most of the time, we think we are following Jesus and living the Christian life pretty well. We look at ourselves and feel good about being a pretty good neighbor and a decent co-worker, and about going to church most of the time. We don’t do anything as intentionally and dramatically wrong as what Judas did, so we tend to give our selves a passing grade, spiritually speaking. It’s easy to overlook how high Jesus set the bar for us when it comes to being obedient, and to loving and serving everyone, no matter who they are. He’s a tough act to follow.

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