Crave – Day #2

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Okay. It is Day 2 of Crave!

I wish I could be with the Heritage family this weekend! But know I am praying for you.

I enjoy the gathering of God’s people; and when the people of Heritage come together as the church, there is a growing sense of expectancy that I really love. We  expect God to do something, and He is always faithful.


I pray you are doing well in your fast if you are fasting. The first few days may be easy because of the excitement and newness or they can be hard because of the change. Whatever you are experiencing, I pray that you will remain focused on the Lord. Be careful not to allow the process to override the purpose. That is…keep this time about the Lord and not what you are going without. The “set aside item/activity”  is a necessary part of it, but not the focus.


If you have questions, feel free to let any of the ministry team know. We are here to help!


Day 2 [March 30]

John 2

Today, we are reading about Jesus’ first public miracle and a demonstration of righteous anger.

In regards to the miracle, I  only have one question: Are you willing to be like the servants, and do whatever He [Jesus] tells you? That’s the kind of obedience He seeks from His people. It is likely that during this time of self-denial, prayer, and reading, He will reveal new things to you…new insights…new steps…new directions…and a new depth to what it means to follow Him.

So…Are you willing to do whatever He says?

Concerning the temple clearing, let me simply say, “Wow.” How’s that for launching a public ministry? In verse 12, as Jesus enters His Father’s temple, He finds the moneychangers turning the temple into a market. John tells us Jesus is consumed with zeal, makes a whip and throws the place into chaos. When the mayhem is over, the temple is cleaned out and ready to be used as it was intended.

After all the table-turning, the Jews respond; but what amazes me is how they respond.

Instead of asking why he would do that, or even what he was doing, they betray their knowledge that they knew what they were doing was wrong. They respond by challenging the authority and not the action. They ask, “What miraculous sign can you show us to prove your authority to do all this?” I don’t know about you, but if someone came by the church office, cracking a whip and turning over desks…I think I would respond a bit differently and ask a different question.

So, why would they do that?


Ultimately, our rebellion is about…authority. It’s an issue about who is in control, who is the boss or who is calling the shots. Rebellion is the lack of readiness to “do whatever he says.”

When we rebel against God’s authority over us and against the supremacy of Jesus Christ, we end up doing things we know we should not do; and we often do them until someone comes along and overturns our lives.

I don’t know why we let it happen, but we can let things creep in and take over areas of life when they should have no place there.

Is there something or someone you have allowed to set up shop and take priority in your life where God should have prominence?

1 Corinthians 6:19 tells us that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and one of the things Jesus offers to do for us is “temple clearing.” So take some time today to invite Him into your “temple” and let him clear out anything and everything that does not belong…until you are totally His.


  1. how much better hind sight is – to see how many times Jesus has had to “clean” my temple and how painful the whip felt…. and now “thank you Jesus” for TAKING authority and changing my life…

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  2. loving all this! ♥ vikki♥ pleaze send to me the new posts by e*mail…thanx…God Bless…hugs & blessings♥, vikki♥

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  3. So far so good I gave two things up .. Best part is im craving God more and more.

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  4. Good challenge today, Shawn. It’s tough to be obedient, because that means letting someone else drive the bus. We have to give up control, and we have to trust the person we give up control to. For those of us with trust and security issues, this is not our first instinct. Submitting to authority is tough, even when we consider that authority to be legitimate. This is especially true, I think, for us Americans, who fought in a revolution so we did not have to bow to any king anymore. And yet, the biggest King of all is asking us to do just that – to submit to His authority, and to be totally obedient. This is not in my comfort zone. But, here Jesus is, submitting to the authority of His mother, even though it pushes Him out of what He considers the program for his ministry. How much more, then, should we be obedient, and willing to step out in faith, trusting Jesus to drive the bus, even when we ourselves can’t see down the road?

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