Crave – Day #5

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It is day 5, and let me just say…if you are fasting from food at some level, feeling really hungry is normal! Your body may also be responding to the changes in different ways, and that is normal. Don’t worry. These things will pass in a few more days. Our stomachs are conditioned to receive food at certain times, and when they don’t get it…well…they complain. It is not based on need so much as conditioning. So hang in there. Remember who and what you are sacrificing for. God will honor your commitment.


We are in a process of seeking to please God and not ourselves. Jesus mentions that in our reading today. [John 5:30]  He also talks about our ability to cross over from death to life through Him. The reality is, we don’t have to look very far to see people who desperately need new life through Jesus. Take time today to pray that we would be a church that facilitates that process.


Day 5 [April 2]

John 5

Here are just a few thoughts about John 5:

– Jesus heals the man physically…first. Later, Jesus touches the heart. [v. 14] Sometimes making a difference in someone else’s life means starting with meeting their physical needs first. Only then can we address their spiritual need.

Doing the will of God is not always popular. Not even when Jesus does it. [v. 17-18]

– We can do nothing by ourselves…we need God. Jesus did, and so do we. [v. 19]

– We need to seek to please God and not ourselves. [v. 30] Fasting is an opportunity to communicate to God a true desire to please him above ourselves. Our stomachs grumble and our minds wander to the things we set aside, but God will respond to a people who humble themselves before Him.


Heavenly Father – We thank You for our salvation and eternal life. We know that salvation has nothing to do with our abilities or good deeds. It is a gift from You, and You want to give it to many more people! May the people of Heritage Church continue to be ready to join You in doing that. Give us Your eyes to see the people we encounter as You do. Lead us and equip us to assist others to cross over from death to life! 

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  1. You’re right, Shawn, fasting is tough – but, we’re hanging in there. It doesn’t matter what people think, it matters what God thinks, and we know He honors obedience. Grateful for that! Jesus put himself out there for those who needed Him, and He still does. It’s good to know that, if we do likewise, He will be with us all the way.

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