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Ericsson treeFriends,


Today is June 12th. It’s the 163rd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar, which means there are 202 days remaining until the end of the year.


It may seem like any other date, but it holds a few unique things in its history. For example, it’s the day the Iowa Territory was formed in 1838. It’s also the date of birth for our 41st president, George H. Bush; and it’s the release date of the film Raiders of the Lost Ark, which happens to be the first and last movie I ever stayed in the theater and watched twice in a row.


Now, those details may not seem that significant; and in reality, they may not be. However, after today, June 12th it is also the first day of the Esperanza Center


The sale of the Ericsson School building is now completed, and we’re officially the proud owners of the future home of Iglesia Vida Nueva! Woohoo!!


The building has served the people of the Floreciente neighborhood and surrounding areas for many years; and now, we have the privilege of continuing that legacy.



We’ll start the retrofit process on Monday; and you can follow the progress, sign up for projects and pray through specific requests by visiting the Esperanza page on the website.


I’ll share a bit more this weekend in our regular worship services; but until then, thanks for your prayers and partnership in seeking to love and serve the people of the Quad Cities in the name of Jesus.


By HIS Grace,
Pastor Shawn


PS: June 12th is also the release date of the 5th James Bond film starring Sean Connery called… You Only Live Twice. YOLT! 😉 [That’s a reference to Week #2 of our recent Livin’ the Dream series.]

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