Live SENT: 2nd Gap Reality

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2nd Gap - RevisedThrough the summer, we took time to talk through “2nd Gap” realities as a church family in our Acts: Church on Fire series, and I wanted to share the basic premise of our Live SENT Strategy here.


Everyone needs Jesus. They just don’t know it yet.


This is seen in a relational gap between us and God because of sin; but that gap is bridged by Jesus and His work on the cross when we receive Him as Lord and Savior. It’s beautiful and awesome!


Once that happens, we’re positioned to help others find new life in Jesus, as well.


However, there is often a second gap between us and others. That gap can be cultural, relational, religious or simply the result of fractures based on race, age, gender etc. As a result, we’re called to build bridges across that second gap to position others to choose to cross the first gap through Jesus.


That’s the whole Gospel, and the imagery of two gaps helps to bring the truth of what Jesus taught into focus for us as a people who are both saved and SENT.


In light of these realities, what 2nd Gap opportunities has God placed in front of you this week?

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