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My excitement continues to grow as we get ready to step into Week #2 of our Fan to Follower series. I’m really looking forward to seeing how God will use this weekend as we gather as the church.


That being said, as you continue to reflect on your own journey and status, I thought it might be helpful to post the list of descriptors I started to share in the message last week of what a “Lukewarm Christian” looks like…or does.


LukewarmHere’s a summary of what Francis Chan wrote in his book Crazy Love:


1. Gather as the church fairly regularly, but not consistently.

2. Give money as long as it is not overly sacrificial.

3. Choose what’s popular over what is right…want to be in church and world too.

4. Don’t want to be saved from sin…just saved from penalty of it.

5. Moved by stories of people who live radically…but don’t do it themselves.

6. Rarely share their faith with neighbors and friends…not want to offend or make uncomfortable.

7. Gage morality by comparison…not as bad as others.

8. Love Jesus and he is part of their lives…but not all of their lives…limited access.

9. Love God but not with all heart, mind, soul, and strength…think: that level is not for average people.

10. Love others, but do not seek to love them as much as themselves

11. Will serve God and others…but there are limits to how much time talent and treasure.

12. Think about life on earth more than life in eternity.

13. Enjoy comforts and not all that interested in sacrificing for the poor.

14. Want to know the minimum to be “good enough” or “do enough.”

15. Continually play it safe…limit sacrifice and risk.

16. Live as slaves to the god of control.

17. Don’t live by faith…their lives are structured so they do not have to.

18. They don’t have to trust God for much.

19. Aren’t much different than unbelievers…may swear less…lie less.

20. Their lives would not look different if they did not believe in God.


Know that I continue to pray for you and our entire Heritage Family that the Lord will speak and move in significant ways in this journey.


Keep pressing on.


Pastor Shawn

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