There’s no place like home

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Well…after digging through 300+ e-mails and spending the last few weeks leaning back into leadership tasks around the Heritage family, I can say I am definitely home from vacation and stoked to wrap up our Chain Reaction series this weekend.


It was really good to be on vacation, but it is great to be home.


The thing about going away is that it can position us to see our life and relationships differently. It can give us greater clarity. In fact, it allows us to gain new insight into statements like the one made by Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.  She said, “There’s no place like home.”


Have you ever considered what makes home unique?


I agree with Dorothy, and I think her statement can lead us into some deeper thinking. Here are three realities that explain what I mean:


1. Home is where we go deeper with God.  At home, we find our regular places to encounter God, to deepen our soul and ultimately live loved.  It’s that cozy chair, the quiet study, a breakfast nook, the special spot on the floor and…our church community.


2. Home is also where we find our significant relationships. These are the relationships that God uses to encourage us and to draw us to Himself. But there are also those relationships we have with others that He uses to draw them to Himself through us…as we live linked.


3. Finally, home is where we have been sent on mission. It is where we are stationed…posted…assigned. It is our place of duty. Its the place we are called to invest the vast majority of our time, talent and treasure as we…live SENT.


That is why there is no place like home!


Home with all its ups and downs, joys and trials, success and failures is the place where God, others and our mission collide.


What if we saw home as more than the place we live or the location we work?


What if we understood the truth that…home is our mission field, and there is no place like it?


See you this weekend!


  1. Shawn, I still consider Heritage in Rock Island my home church. It is from there that my faith blossomed into Living Sent!

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  2. Great points Shawn. I love travel but I love to come home to my own bed and all the other reasons you said too!

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