What if we prayed…?

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Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


What if…we prayed without ceasing?  What if…we prayed all the time and never stopped praying?  What if…our hearts and minds were so focused on God that our entire life was a prayer as we daily…moment by moment…lived in recognition of His continual presence and constant authority?


The reality is He is in charge & always with us.  So why can’t we maintain an ongoing conversation?  We don’t normally sit beside someone for an entire day and not say anything to them, but we can so easily do that to God.


I realize we can’t hang out in our “prayer closets” all day everyday, but we can maintain a prayerful attitude…all day everyday.


When we recognize His unending presence and our constant dependence upon Him, then we have the makings of praying without ceasing.


So try it.  Talk with Him throughout your day. Engage in short prayers frequently.  It will take a commitment, but it won’t be long before offering frequent, spontaneous prayers becomes a natural part of your daily life.


What if…?


  1. Since the rapture is so close, prayer for the salvation of souls is so vital. The time is short or people will be left behind!!!! Amen on the verse. This is a memory verse from the 2:42 Bible Study group on Tuesday mornings as well. Spiritual minds think the same. God is so good, let us praise HIS name forever.

    Be ready!!!!!!!

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  2. eucharisteo. It’s easy to be thankful to Him constantly. Just look around at all His blessing. I’ve started a thankfulness journal so all day long I’m aware of all there is to thank God for

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  3. Shawn- thank you so much for your ongoing commitment and encouragement in the area of prayer! It truly does change things and can bring so much peace in this world of chaos…


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