New Series: Livin’ the Dream

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We’re excited to launch our new sermon series, Livin’ the Dream, this weekend.  Grab a friend and join us!


Here’s a bit more information about the series:


On the best of days we strive to be Livin’ the Dream, steering our lives to reach our goals and expectations. In American culture, we are inundated with images and stories that shape our understanding of the life we are living. It almost seems like there is a competition for our affection, our time, our investments, and our very lives. Come join us as we explore the question “Whose Dream are You Living?


May 2/3 – Livin’ the Dream: Identity 
May 9/10 – You Only Live Once: Life
May 16/17 – Survival of the Fittest: Success
May 23/24 – Look out for #1: Status
May 30/31 – Person With the Most Toys Wins: Economics

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