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LLLSI’m excited to step into our next series this weekend after a powerful journey in Home Run Life.


Join us this weekend, and don’t forget to invite a friend.  We look forward to seeing you there! Here’s a sneak peek.


The dictionary primarily defines a church as “a building for public Christian worship.”  But the Church is not a building.  The Church is made up of people, and those people have a grand purpose!  The Church is called to be a worshipping community of disciples on mission; and this weekend, we will start a journey that moves us as a church family toward pursuing the 3 pillars of fulfilling that purpose as we live life to the full.

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  1. Looking forward to this coming series Shawn but just have to tell you that the Home Run Life series was totally “over the top”. I have shared this with people all over the country. What a fabulous way to live and to introduce people to Christianity! For those of us “doer” kind of folks, the visual and practical aspects of Home Run Life are something you can sink your teeth into and really remember! Our friends from TX who visited last week listened to the Results sermon and he said he thought about it all day and saw how it applied to his life. Thanks again for “Hitting it out of the park” (pun intended) last time around – looking forward to this new one.

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