New Series: rEVOLution

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This weekend we launch our new series, rEVOLution: Love is Greater; and I’m pumped.


We’re going to take some time to look at the lives of 4 key figures in Scripture, and you’re not going to want to miss it.


Here’s a bit more about that journey:


Every day we interact with stories of people who are desperate for someone to take action. These are the moments where we feel deep inside us something has gone wrong and must be set right. What if we didn’t have to wait for someone else? What if God’s love were enough to compel us to be part of His revolution?


March 5/6                       – Love is > Despair [David]

March 12/13                   – Love is > Apathy [Esther]

March 19/20                  – Love is > Injustice [Deborah]

March 25                        – Love is > Bondage [Jesus]

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