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I can’t wait to kick off our Fall Sermon Series. We’re calling it “Fan to Follower,” and it’s going to be a fun and impactful journey for us as a church. So grab a friend and be there!


Here’s a little bit more about the series:


Are you ready for some Football? It’s that time of year when we dig out our jerseys, select our fantasy players and start following our teams. Whether you like football, or not, there are all sorts of ways we express our support.


Following someone in our culture has become as simple as the click of a “Like” button. It’s possible to follow one person or literally hundreds and not have a personal relationship with anyone. Imagine what would happen if we experienced life as more than simply fans and stepped onto the field with boldness.


Sept 12/13 – KICKOFF 

Sept 19/20 – FOCUS 

Sept 26/27 – IDENTITY 

Oct 3/4 – VALUES  

Oct 10/11 – OWNERSHIP  

Oct 17/18 – POSTURE  

Oct 24/25 – INFLUENCE 

Oct 31/ Nov 1 – PRIORITY 

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