Sermon Series: Live SENT

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live-sent-fullThis weekend, we’ll kick off a two-week series called, Live SENT.  In it we’ll explore the implications of being a SENT people and the realities of serving a God who gives us a global mission.

Here’s a bit of a sneak peek:


There are a lot of meaningful things we can do in this life, but none of them begin to compare to the privilege of joining a Holy God in the work that He is already doing in our workplaces, our communities, our cities and countless other places around the world.

As a church, we speak of this in terms of living SENT.  When we follow Jesus, we are automatically a SENT people.  We know this because Jesus said so.  He did it more than once, but the most clear moment is in John 20:21 where he said, “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.”

Because Jesus sends us, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to invest beyond ourselves and ultimately give ourselves away in love, sacrifice and faithfulness as Jesus did.

As a church we are committed to doing that, and this booklet contains information that can help each of us increasingly live SENT for HIS glory.

Join Pastor Shawn as we celebrate Living Sent in our two week series starting August 16/17

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  1. And I am doing just that! Excited to watch God work in the hearts and lives of my students this year. I am also looking forward to watching my faith grow in this new endeavor. Trusting the process.

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