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Stoked to launch this series this weekend!


Having wrapped up our Matter of Principles series, we are stepping into a 5-week journey through a few of the Parables of Jesus.  Doesn’t get much better than digging into the parables of Jesus.   So grab the family and join us this weekend at any Heritage location.


Here’s a little more about the series:


Sometimes, we bump into a truth so deep or a hope so profound we need a special way to share it with others. Jesus often taught using parables—his unique way of sharing the deep truth and hope of the Kingdom of God with his first followers. Join us as we focus on a few of these Kingdom stories and discover even more of the heart God has for us and our world.


Parables (Journey through 5 Parables – Feb 25/26 through March 25/26)


Feb 25/26                 Matthew 13                Introduction

March 4/5               Luke 5:36-39               New Wine Skins

March 11/12            Matthew 18:21-35     Unmerciful Servant

March 18/19           Mark 4:3-20               The Sower

March 25/26           Luke 20:9-19              Tenants

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