Crave: Prayer & Scripture

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Tonight, the Heritage family will gather together at the Rock Island Campus (4801 44th Street) from 6:30-7:30 PM to celebrate the launch of our 21-day Crave journey.  I hope you can be there.


Unfortunately, I cannot; but John, Patty, Beth and I will be joining you in spirit from Israel.


In preparation for our journey, I wanted to share a few key prayer points and the Scripture reading plan to help you in the journey.


Know that I’m praying for you!


Prayer Points:

Pray for the following while you fast:

Pray for OTHERS to:

…receive new life in Jesus.  [Identify one spiritually unresolved person in your sphere of influence.]

…experience freedom from all kinds of spiritual, physical, and emotional bondage.

…increasingly love God, love others, and live on mission.


Pray for YOURSELF to:

…live fully in the freedom that comes with knowing Jesus.

…remain submitted and obedient to the Holy Spirit as He leads us.

…continue to advance the Kingdom by living on mission every moment of every day.

…have the heart and mind of God as you serve others.


Pray for OUR CHURCH to:

…live in love and unity at all times, but especially in this next season.

…facilitate an environment where thousands of people make decisions for Jesus.

…receive the resources we need to step boldly and courageously with God.

…have increasing influence for HIM throughout the Quad Cities and beyond.


Reading Plan:

3/29 – John 1

3/30 – John 2

3/31 – John 3

4/1 – John 4

4/2 – John 5

4/3 – John 6

4/4 – John 7

4/5 – John 8

4/6 – John 9

4/7 – John 10

4/8 – John 11

4/9 – John 12

4/10 – John 13

4/11 – John 14

4/12 – John 15

4/13 – John 16

4/14 – John 17

4/15 – John 18

4/16 – John 19

4/17 – John 20

4/18 – John 21


  1. Praying for you and Heritage Church especially as you go through this next season. We have strong ties with the Church and have lived the last 40 years along with Patty and John. Anxious to see how God uses your ministry…God bless In Christ, Marsha

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  2. I wish everybody luck and prayers to be challenged in search of the Bible. God bless all of you. And, congratulations, Shaun!!!

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  3. First thing I notice in John 1:1-5 is the different names and authority Jesus has. He is the WORD and the LIGHT. It confirms for us that he existed at the beginning of time with God and that nothing was made except through Him. That means me!

    A little further Jesus is referred to as the Messiah, Lamb of God, Son of God and Rabbi.

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