Week #1: Family Connection Ideas

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Our “Off To The Races” series is off to a great start!  We had a great weekend of celebration as a church family; and in case you missed it, you can find the first message by clicking here.


As a church, we’re committed to equipping families to thrive, and we never want to find any of us just going in circles.  So each week, throughout our “Off To The Races” journey, we’re highlighting key resources and ideas to be more intentional as a family and...MAKE EVERY LAP COUNT.


Here are the Family Connection Ideas from Week #1.


Family Connection Ideas:

At Heritage, we want to help our families win! So during the “Off to the Races” sermon series, we’re providing ideas each week for you to make every lap count by being more intentional with your time and with the kids in your life. Here are some initial suggestions:


Morning Time:

While getting ready for the day, write a note of encouragement that your kids/grandkids will find in the midst of their day. Consider utilizing our Lunch Box Notes, which are available for free at our Go!Kids Family Resource Center at your campus during the month of September.


Drive Time:

While in the car, ask your child to think of a friend they’re having a hard time getting along with or are concerned about right now. Talk about ways your child can show that friend love. Then encourage them to do it this week! Be sure to follow up so they can share how it went.


Dinner Time:

At dinner, ask: What do you think makes a great friend? Take turns going around the dinner table saying one thing that makes a great friend. Keep going around the table until you’re all completely stumped. Then ask the following & give everyone a chance to share: What did you do today to be a great friend? Why do you think being a great friend is important?


Bed Time:

With your child, read 1 Samuel 20. Talk about how Jonathan showed love for David. [i.e. he stood up for him, protected him from his angry father, etc.] Point out: Love is an action. Then share some ideas with each other of how you can love others like Jesus loves us, and like David and Jonathan loved each other. Ask God to help each of you be a great friend and love others well.


Have a great week building strong relationships with your family!


Want more ideas on how to connect with your child?


Download the Parent Cue App for iPhone & Android to gain insights about your child’s age, ideas for connecting & ways to win as a family.

Note: Above ideas adapted from Parent Cue resources by The rethink Group.

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