Week #2: Family Connection Ideas

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As a church, we’re committed to equipping families to thrive, and we never want any of us to just go in circles.  So each week, throughout our “Off To The Races” journey, we’re highlighting key resources and ideas to be more intentional as a family and...MAKE EVERY LAP COUNT.


With our “Off To The Races” week #2 in the books, you can find that message by clicking here. And you can find the Family Connection Ideas from Week #2 below:


Family Connection Ideas:

At Heritage, we want to help our families win! So during the “Off to the Races” sermon series, we’re providing ideas each week for you to make every lap count by being more intentional with your time and with the kids in your life. Here are some initial suggestions:


Morning Time:

The morning routine can be stressful and frustrating for families while they work to get everyone out the door on time with the things they need. If you feel yourself losing your patience this week, follow the advice you give your kids/grandkids: Pause, take a deep breath & count to ten before responding.


Drive Time:

During your drive time this week, ask your child: Who in your life needs your friendship? Brainstorm some ways they can be intentional in building greater friendship with that person. Then, together pick one way to intentionally do that this week. Celebrate together when it happens.


Dinner Time:

Take turns answering the following questions as a family:

Child: Who is your most “unlikely” friend? Why do you think you’re friends? Adult: Who was your best friend when you were a kid? What did you like to do together?


Bed Time:

With your child/grandchild, read Acts 9:26-28. Discuss how Barnabas accepted Saul when no one else would. [i.e. he went with him, supported him with the rest of the apostles, he brought Saul into the group] Point out: Friends accept one another. Think of ways that each of you could accept a new friend into your life. Ask God to help you accept others as friends.


Have a great week building strong relationships with your family!

Want more ideas on how to connect with your child?

Download the Parent Cue App for iPhone & Android to gain insights about your child’s age, ideas for connecting & ways to win as a family.

Note: Above ideas adapted from Parent Cue resources by The rethink Group.

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