Week #3: Family Connection Ideas

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As a church, we’re committed to equipping families to thrive, and we never want any of us to just go in circles.  So each week, throughout our “Off To The Races” journey, we’re highlighting key resources and ideas to be more intentional as a family and...MAKE EVERY LAP COUNT. and BE FIRST TO THE LINE.


With Week #3o of “Off To The Races” in the books, you can find that message by clicking here. And you can find the Family Connection Ideas from Week #3 below:


Family Connection Ideas:

At Heritage, we want to help our families win! So during the “Off to the Races” sermon series, we’re providing ideas each week for you to make every lap count by being more intentional with your time and with the kids in your life. Here are some initial suggestions:


Morning Time:

One of the most important things a child or student can hear is that they matter to you. As your children start their day, take a moment to look them in the eye and say, “I love you” or another phrase your family uses to communicate value.


Drive Time:

Purposeful questions are the best and easiest tool we have as parents to invest in the lives of our kids. Ask some great questions each day during drive time: What are you excited for today? Are you nervous about anything? Why does that make you nervous (or excited)? Tip: Adding “why” or “why do you think that is?” to any question helps extend the answer from one word to a conversation and more meaningful connection.


Dinner Time:

Model great friendships by inviting several friends over for dinner. The more the merrier! Consider an intergenerational group. Ask each friend to bring something to add to your Friendship Soup. (You can search for a friendship soup recipe online.) Gather around the table, pass some bread and enjoy the “melting pot” of your friendships. Have everyone give an answer to this question: “What’s your favorite thing about friendship?”


Bed Time:

At Bedtime, read John 21:1-17. Talk together about the forgiveness Jesus offered to Peter. Discuss how offering forgiveness isn’t always an easy thing to do and why that is. (i.e. someone hurt us or harmed us.) Ask, if there is anyone you need to forgive? Pray together and ask God to give each of you the courage to forgive & repair a friendship.


Have a great week building strong relationships with your family!


Want more ideas on how to connect with your child?

Download the Parent Cue App for iPhone & Android to gain insights about your child’s age, ideas for connecting & ways to win as a family.

Note: Above ideas adapted from Parent Cue resources by The rethink Group.

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