Week #5: Family Connection Ideas

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 Our “Off To The Races” journey was a good one, and if you missed any of it you can find it here.  As you continue to MAKE EVERY LAP COUNTBE FIRST TO THE LINE, GET UNDER THE HOOD and WORK WITH YOUR CREW, here’s the link to this week’s message and the Family Connection Ideas:


Family Connection Ideas:

At Heritage, we want to help our families win! So during the “Off to the Races” sermon series, we’re providing ideas each week for you to make every lap count by being more intentional with your time and with the kids in your life. Here are some initial suggestions:


Morning Time:

Preschoolers and kindergartners at Heritage learned how God helped David protect his sheep this weekend. Give your child a real egg to protect for the day (a basket or plastic container will help). Talk about how God helped David protect his sheep. God helps us too!


Drive Time:

In the age of smartphones and GPS, we rely heavily on technology to give us directions for where to go next. But what happens when we don’t have this technology? Well, that’s when navigation gets tricky. This week, try to find your way somewhere together without using your phone or GPS. Then start a conversation with your child or student about how the Bible gives direction.


Dinner Time:

Help your kids or students rehearse answers for tough questions ahead of time to help them make the right choice in the moment.


Bed Time:

At bedtime, read Psalm 24:1 with your child or teenager. What does this say about our stuff? What about the people we encounter each day? How does this change how we treat our stuff? How does this change how we interact with people? What’s something our family could or should do differently because of this? Then pray together as a family, asking God to help each person remember that everything belongs to God.


Have a great week building strong relationships with your family!

Want more ideas on how to connect with your child?

Download the Parent Cue App for iPhone & Android to gain insights about your child’s age, ideas for connecting & ways to win as a family.

Note: Above ideas adapted from Parent Cue resources by The rethink Group.

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